Why Join

NWCSG memberships provides a fantastic opportunity for networking with industry peers and allows attendance at group meetings which feature fantastic topical talks by industry experts.

Promote Interest
To promote interest in accident prevention and to maintain the interest of member firms in the study, application and improvement of health, safety, welfare and accident prevention methods of the construction industry.
Develop Co-Operation
To promote and develop a spirit of co-operation between employer and employee in respect of health, safety, welfare and accident prevention and to encourage active and effective safety organisations within members’ companies.
Study Types of Accidents
To study types of accidents and health hazards occurring within members’ companies in particular and the construction industry in general with the object of finding effective means of prevention.
Dissemination of Knowledge
To afford facilities for the pooling and dissemination of knowledge, for the study of the appropriate statutory requirements, codes of practice, guidance notes, etc.., for the reading of papers and the promotion of lectures and discussions and for such other activities that will further the objectives of the Group.

Benefits of Joining


Get in depth knowledge, information, documents, files, videos and lots more to help you keep on top of health & safety within the construction industry.


Keep up to date with safety alerts as we get it, you’ll get it!


Get a NWCSG Certificate display that health & safety within your organisation is high up on your list of priorities


We have a wide range of scheduled meetings on the latest developments within health & safety industry throughout the year where you will be invited to join us and expand your knowledge and meet people who are passionate on making a change.


There’s so much more and much more to come so join us today and we look forward to seeing you!


How To Join

Membership to the NWCSG is open to all Building and Civil Engineering and allied organisations within the area covered by the Group on payment of the appropriate subscription.

Download and complete the Membership Subscription form below and return to NWCSG together with the correct remittance


Yearly April – March £60

Supporting Organisations

Working under the umbrella of the North West Safety Initiative and Safety Groups UK, the Group’s objective is to promote reduction in the risk of accident and personal injury.


Covid19 – Our awards event scheduled for tonight WILL go ahead as planned!!